Indeed, ‘Auslander Raus’

In the last few weeks, I came across a video circulating on social media of a group of people having fun in Germany chanting ‘Auslander Raus’ (Foreigners out). Although those who watched the video were uneasy about this slogan, I found this situation very funny.

If these videos were footage of celebrations after a victory, it would be a very unsettling situation. It was funny that they were having fun saying ‘Auslander Raus’ with drinks in their hands in a hedonistic nihilistic entertainment culture. In the most irrelevant environment, where they could not bear the seriousness and responsibility for what they said, they revealed it as an expression of a subconscious.

The easiest and cheapest way to mobilise the masses by demonising foreigners. Destroyed by its own liberal values, Europe, which does not unite under these values, needs new enemies to exist. Because the values they produce from within themselves cannot do anything, they can only come together in the face of an enemy. Although they themselves deny it, one of the basic elements that make up the European identity is the fear of the Turk, as İsmet Özel defines him.

Are today’s ‘Auslanders’ really the enemies of the Germans, who are constantly instilled with ‘shame’? The fact that someone who has reached important positions in German intelligence is of Turkish origin has a meaning. Yes, the Transatlantic lobbies, the colonial agents of the American culture, the Zionists who enslave their peoples by taking over the political and economic system, especially in Germany, should go, in other words, the Auslanders should go not only from Germany but from everywhere in the world.

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