Transfer of Power-I

One of the most ancient problems of human history is the transfer of power. The municipalities changing hands with the local elections and the issues of who or whom the deceased sheikh masters left in their place have occupied the agenda. It was an opportunity to observe how the transfer of material and spiritual power processes together.

Although the power established in the field of material power and the power established in the spiritual field are similar in many areas, they differ at many points. Dreams, discoveries and signs can be decisive in the transfer of spiritual power. The common point of the transfer of both powers is to prove your maturity. Both have their own methods.

The spiritual power needs each other to impose itself on the material power and the material power needs each other to impose itself on the spiritual power. Today, congregations, sects and associations that provide legitimacy through spiritual power have to have a material power to ensure their continuation. Otherwise it is against the flow of life. The point that determines the relationship with material power is the size of the relations they establish with the holders of material power. If spiritual power has become a storehouse of human resources for some people, if it is not the voice of justice and the weak in society, it should be treated with suspicion.

For years, spiritual authorities in Turkey have been saying that they are far from material power. At least they try to look like that. Most of them cannot read politics at both local and global level. Some of them try to explain the election results with dreams and discoveries. Although most of them do not understand politics in the macro sense, they are experts in spending people and cliques in their micro power areas.

It is normal for problems and discord to arise in every period of power. This process shows us which stones people gather from their skirts. We can see the moral consistency of people. On the other hand, it is just as easy to hand over power if the person in power has not left behind dirty deeds, has not set up his own wheels and has not relied too much on this world.

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